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Sea Angling

Pollock Fishing

Pollock can normally be drifted for over specific grounds and areas. There are several methods including jigging, spinning, pirking, the use of shads and a slow retrieve method using a sand eel or a strip of mackerel. All of these methods are excellent sport using light tackle.

Blue Shark Fishing

The season for this is from July to September when the water temperature has risen. It is best suited to fishing four anglers on board, it can be a long slow day of waiting so be prepared but when the action starts it can be very exciting.

Fishing Grounds

The fishing grounds cover from the lighthouse on Valentia, up east into Kells Bay, North of Valentia along the back of the island down to Bray Head at the end of the island and on the Skelligs and the deep banks which are between 3 and 10 miles from the end of Valentia, or the famous and beautiful Blasket Islands. Operational area is on average 15-20 miles from individual operator’s point of departure.

You do not have to decide what type of fishing you would like to try immediately because it is possible to anchor for part of the day and drift the rest or you can fish all day at anchor or stay drifting all day. Sometimes the weather or the tide will dictate where you can fish or even if fishing is possible and for safety reasons the skipper’s decision is final.