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Tech Care

Tech CareOur mission is to care for your Technology and restore it to the way it worked best for you.

Founded in 2010, aims to provide hardware and software support in town based locations throughout Ireland to bring support close to Irish homes and businesses.

What We Do

Have you had any issues with your computer, tablet, laptop, server, or smartphone? Do you want a secure and safe way to get it resolved?

We understand that all your computers and mobiles are very valuable and not just “machines”. They are your gateway to the digital world, your timeline vault for all your pictures and videos, and your assistant for the school or college sixty-page project.

Plus in a more professional environment, they hold all your extremely important information, whether it’s your client database that took you years to collect or the year end report that has been four months in the making. We seriously consider all these aspects when we repair your “machines”.

Hardware Repair / Resolving Your Technology Issues

Need to upgrade your operating system, transfer your data to a new machine, fix a problem with your display, camera or connections to other hardware? We provide a full range of issue resolution services. Bring your machine to us, tell us how it worked best for you and we’ll take it from there.

Email: Web: Phone: +353 66 9473007